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"We leave the burden of Our Toil Outside the Friendly Door"

That motto, as penned by the Saginaw Club's founding fathers over 100 years ago, was the catalyst that created this historic treasure and tradition of excellence which, throughout the years, has been the sanctuary of happiness and memories for thousands of members.

The Saginaw Club was founded in 1889 by a group of 35 prominent business and professional leaders in the community.  They desired to establish a luxurious facility with the finest furnishings, artwork, and amenities -- a comfortable atmosphere where Members would enjoy the camaraderie and fellowship of each other.  Nothing but the finest in service, food and beverage would be available.

"Exquisite taste displayed in its workmanship as well as good judgment in the interior decorations and selection of furniture," -The Evening News, Saginaw Michigan, 7 June, 1890  

Our founding fathers' vision still holds today. In your fast-paced and hectic life, the Saginaw Club provides the respite that makes your hard work and effort worthwhile.